There will be a Parents - Facilitators meet as per student's almanac.


  1. There will be no meeting other than meeting days.
  2. Teachers will not be available at any other time than the prescribed one.
  3. Parents are advised not to send their representatives to meet the teachers, the Principal or any other school authority.

For the students


Remember Rules & Practice Them
  1. All the students are expected to speak in English.
  2. Students must bring the handbook to school everyday.
  3. The school uniform and identity card must be worn everyday. A student without proper uniform will be sent back.
  4. Uniform worn should be neat and tidy, hair properly oiled and combed, shoes well polished and nails should be properly cut.
  5. Students should not wear jewellery, costly wrist watches and should not bring valuable items to school.
  6. Books not recommended, magazines, comics etc. should not be brought to the school. Article should not be liable to be a source of disturbance.
  7. Any student coming late will not enter the class unless he/she brings a note to the teacher from the Principal (After 3 late marks in a month the student will be sent home).
  8. Students must maintain silence in the school. They must maintain discipline while moving from one class to another. They should move in a single line only.
  9. No student will be excused from physical education without a Doctor's Certificate.
  10. No student will make any collection of money unless permitted by the Principal in advance.
  11. Students are not allowed to give presents to the teachers or staff of the school.
  12. Students are not allowed to distribute sweets/presents/eatables of any kind on their birthday. Instead, they can wear a dress other than the school uniform and voluntarily donate books to the school library. Donate something to an orphanage, old-age home or any other institution working for a social cause.
  13. Students should look after their books, clothes, pens, wrist-watch, money etc. School does not accept any responsibility for loss of such things.
  14. Students should be regular, courteous, well-behaved, disciplined and clean in their dress and habits.
  15. A student who is persistently found to be insubordinate, fully mischievous, guilty of misconduct and has unwholesome influence of fellow students is liable to be expelled from the school.
  16. A student is responsible to the school, not only for his/her behaviour in the school, but also for his/her general behavior outside. Every effort should be made by the student to keep up the good name of the school by his/her manners and department. Students should greet their teachers/visitors when they meet them.
  17. Students should not make part in any political activities.
  18. During the absence of the teacher, Prefect/Monitor will be responsible for the order and discipline of the class.
  19. Students are forbidden to buy eatables from street vendors.
  20. Students may buy food from the school canteen as it is hygienically prepared.