Secretary Desk

Teaching and learning are the core activities of a school.We should make good use of every minute of invaluable instruction time on enhancing students learning. I always support teachers on their professional development and teaching. Great teachers are the most important ingredient to the success of our school. I do believe that schooling is for worry as much about the students. I always set students benefit to be the first priority. The school will focus on promoting a high level of learning culture. Resources will be allocated to furnishing on inviting place and environment for learning. School policies will be refined to streamline the academic and co-curricular activitiesyou may expect changes in the future which I believe to be the sources of momentum for improvement.

I do believe that I have the talent of coping with new challenges,new environment, new students, new colleagues and parents well. I really like the school culture if Ho Fung on all-round development of students and her emphasis on student learning processes.My expectation is high on the quality of our teachers in classroom teaching and facilitating student’s development in multiple intelligence outside classroom. So,don’t be surprised when I walk in the classroom to have lessons observation, or join after school programs, such as basketball training. It is my responsibility to continue the excellent culture of ho hung and maintains sustainable advancement in the future.From now on, the spirit of HO Fung is deeply rooted in my mind- “Once in HO Fung,be with HO Fung forever.”

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta