Chairman's Desk

For many decades, we have provided high quality international education to students in the Pratapgarh and beyond. Numerous generation of SIS graduates have attended some of the world leading universities in board. SANGAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL have experienced continuous progress due to our commitment to educational excellence. Our mission continues to drive our growth and progress, building on strong foundations.

Our teams of professional educators are dedicated to helping each student attain his or her maximum potential, both academically and socially. Fostering and celebrating our student’s talents and achievements are at the core of all we do every day.

I hope that the contents of this school will convey something of the ethos and atmosphere of digital Education in our schools. However, words and pictures are no substitute for direct experience, so I cordially invite you to visit our school personally and see firsthand what makes a SANGAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL so special.

We are dedicated to continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world. Within a safe and supportive environment, we provide a relevant, high-quality education and prepare our diverse student body for future endeavors. We honor achievement and promote pride in ourselves, in our school, and in our community.


Mr. SangamLal Gupta