Fee Rules
FEES - School Fees:
  1. All school fees (including all other charges) are payable quarterly before 15th of the beginning month of each quarter. The quarters are defined as under :
    1. April-June
    2. July- September
    3. October- December
    4. January- March. Fees for the Ist quarter will be payable by 15th April.
  2. The school fees are payable directly in the school office, between Ist to 15th of the beginning of each quarter irrespective of the bank holidays, by A/c payee cheque/pay Order only, drawn in favour of SANGAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Please write the mobile no., name, std. and div. of the student on the back side of cheque. Office has swipe machine, use it.
  3. If the school fees are not paid on or before 15th of the beginning of every quarter, a surchage will be levied @ Rs. 50/-per month.
  4. In case, 15th of the month falls on a holiday the last date of payment of fees will be 14th of the month. The fees paid on the 16th of the month will be accepted with late fees.
  5. If a cheque is dishonoured, the school will levy a charge of Rs. 250/-
  6. Result will not be handed over to the parents until they clear all dues.
  7. No deductions will be made for vacation or for broken periods of the month.
  8. SIS doesn't have any fees refund policy.
Bus Fees :
  1. Bus fees must be paid in the school office.
  2. Bus fees will be charged for all the eleven months of the year.
  3. Fee must be paid before the 15th of the first month of the each quarter.
  4. Cheque should be drawn in favour of Mata Sheetala Devi Public Trust. Please write the name, class and division of the student on the back of the cheque.
  5. Mode of payment of fees is in three instalments.
Prior notice of one month, in writing, must be made in the school office in case of cancellation/ discontinuation of bus service. However the fees for the entire quarter will be charged.