Those who avail the school transport are expected to bear in mind the following points:

  1. Students using the bus are expected to conduct themselves properly so as to avoid any discomfort or inconvenience to other in the bus. They are not allowed to stand or move in the bus.
  2. No student shall deface or damage the bus in any way. Any damage done shall have to be made good by parents/guardians of the defaulter. In addition, the bus facility shall be forthwith withdrawn.
  3. All complaints, in writing must be handed over to the Transport Incharge only. Parents/guardians are expected not to enter into argument with the bus driver or conductor.
  4. Letters, applications, cheque, cash etc. are not to be sent to the school through the driver or the conductor of the bus.
  5. Once the bus facility has been extended to a student, full transport charges for the year will be charged even if the student discontinues the use of the school transport.
  6. The school buses will pick up from preferred stop and drop the students.
  7. Parents/Guardians should bring their wards at least 6 minutes earlier for bringing and also for taking back the child at the allotted bus stop.
  8. Students not found at the pick-up point should be brought to the school by the parent. Similarly, parent/ guardian is not found at the stop for receiving the child, he/she will have to come to the school to collect the child.
  9. No student shall use the school transport if such facility has not been granted. Any student found doing so will have to face the consequences.
  10. The Institution reserves the right to increase the bus fees and change the route as and when the situation demands. However parents will be informed of the changes.
  11. Bus facility is strictly for the students, not for the parents.
  12. While every care will be taken to ensure the safety of each child, the school shall not be responsible for any mishap/accident while travelling in the school bus.

There will be a (Uniform System of Assessment) with Periodic Tests and two Terms comprising Half Yearly and Yearly Examinations for continuing assessment and evaluation, based on the performance of the child in class work, assignment and project work. Promotion will depend on the overall performance in whole year.