General Information For The Parents

Education cannot be confined to the four walls of a classroom only. For full growth and all round development of the child, it is responsibility to be shared equally by the parents and the school. Though a school can do a lot for a child, it cannot do everything. The home is the place where the child gets the first education and training in citizenship. It is the chief institution where the character of the child is carved and moulded. School education promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the talent and qualities in a child. This task of helping children to become good citizens is done best through a kind of a partnership between the school and parents and, therefore, to secure all that is best in the education of the children, maximum, cooperation between the parents and the school authorities is indispensable. Needless to say, the school desires to have your cooperation and close contact with the teachers in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to education and child's welfare. Regular communication between us is one of the links, which bridges the home and the school and provides effective medium for parent teacher contact. In addition, it will be appreciated if the parents pay special attention of the following points.

  1. Children should be encouraged to cultivate a habit of cleanliness.
  2. They should do their home assignment activity and project work by themselves, unless they require some guidance. It is desired that children should be self-reliant and develop a habit of self-study.
  3. As the children advance in age, they should be guided to become resourceful and useful members of the home, society and country. They should be taught to keep their room and other belongings tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes and carry their bag themselves. Development of such habits early in life inculcates the idea of self-respect, self-reliance, dignity of work, and fundamental personal virtues are necessary for a successful career in life.
  4. Absence from school for attending social functions should be discouraged. It retards their progress and distracts their attention from regular teaching and homework. In case of unavoidable circumstance parents should take a permission from the Principal before proceeding on long leave.
  5. Children who are sick should not be sent to school to attend classes or to take tests. In case of illness, application for leave, supported by a medical certificate, must reach the school in time.
  6. Criticism of teachers in front of the children should be avoided because it undermines respect for the teacher and the school. If there is a legitimate complaint, you may meet the Principal personally.

Special care is taken to develop in the students a sense of discipline in the school premises and outside. Therefore, the following points may be noted carefully.

  • All the students are required to reach the school in time and attend the Morning Assembly.
  • Absence without a written request for leave from the parent/guardian is strictly forbidden. Also half-day leave is not permissible except in an emergency.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school during school hours unless permitted by the Principal on a written request of the parent/guardian.
  • Students indulging in truancy shall be liable to suspension or expulsion from the school.
  • Cleanliness is expected from all students. Their nails must be properly clipped, teeth must be absolutely cleaned and hair neatly cut and combed. Girls with long hair should tie ribbons or a band for short hair.
  • Students are strictly not to use vulgar language, while talking to one another.
  • No student shall criticize any member of the staff, or behave rudely with him/her.
  • Students must deposit in the office any article or money found by them in the school premises.
  • Any damage done by students will have to be made good by the concerned parents/ guardians.
  • Students are not allowed to bring with them any magazine or paper other than the library/prescribed books.
  • Lending or borrowing money is strictly forbidden.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of money or articles. It is therefore advised not to bring or wear valuable articles to school.
  • Students, who come with their escorts, must not leave before the escorts arrive. In case of delay school office should be informed.
  • Students are not allowed to use the school telephone. Also, they shall not be called to answer any telephone call except in an emergency.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend a student whose conduct has an adverse influence on other students.
  • A student, who fails twice in the same class, shall not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.